• Quality CPS Preschool

    Our quality Preschool Program supports young children and families for lifelong learning.

  • Welcome to Hays-Porter School

    A neighborhood school and Community Learning Center serving students grades Preschool-6.

  • Vision 2020: High Technology

    With access to technology and creative, hands-on activities, students develop skills to become technology innovators.

  • Technology beyond the Classroom

    Extracurricular activities align with the neighborhood's focus on becoming an information-technology hub.

High Technology School

Hays-Porter Elementary is a neighborhood school and Community Learning Center offering a High Technology program, where students have access to cutting-edge technology and creative, hands-on activities. Students develop the skills to become creators, not just consumers, of technology. The program aligns with the West End neighborhood's focus on becoming an information-technology innovation hub. Read More About Our High Technology Focus.

What’s Happening at Hays-Porter School?

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Where Doors to the Future are Opened

What better way to prepare for the future than to have access to the tools that are shaping it? At Hays-Porter Elementary, students have access to an innovation lab, 1:1 technology, a robotics club and so much more. Our students are building the skills and confidence to be risk takers, content creators and lifelong learners. The possibilities are endless for our students as they prepare for the careers of today and tomorrow. Read More About Hays-Porter Elementary.

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1030 Cutter Street
Cincinnati, OH 45203

Our Principal Nedria McClain

Principal Nedria McClainServing as principal is a great honor as it is a responsibility. I believe that the foundation of our future accomplishments will be found in the power of our combined effort and strength. I look forward to a positive and productive school year! Read More About Nedria McClain