Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Phone Email
Daniels, Dorothy Nurse 363-0121 email staff
Matchett, Victoria Afterschool Coordinator, FamiliesFORWARD 363-1031
McDermott, Julie Psychologist 363-1018
Simmons, Chris Security 363-1000
Williams, Lavonna Lunchroom Manager 363-1098
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Phone Website Email
Ball, Brenda Math and Science 6th Grade 363-1088 email staff
Ballard, Sahara ELA and Social Studies K 363-1027 email staff
Bridges, Tonkia Technology K-6 363-1055 email staff
Bronson, Amber Building Substitute K-6 363-1058 email staff
Carradine, Jasmine Paraprofessional 363-1000 email staff
Carter, Charmaine Paraprofessional Primary MD 363-1093 email staff
Coman, Moriah ELA and Social Studies 2 363-1048 email staff
Daniels, Carmen Technology K-6 363-1055 email staff
Felton, Sara Math and Science 1 363-1033 email staff
Givens, Kelvin Physical Education K-6 363-1083 email staff
Gulley, Marguerite Paraprofessional K-6 363-1000 email staff
Harris, Sarah Paraprofessional 363-1000
Harrison, Deborah Pre-K Teacher Pre-K 363-1029 email staff
Isham, Katrina Food Services 363-1098
Jawwaad, Carmen Math/Science 4th Grade 363-1053 email staff
Jennings, Tara Language Pathologist 363-1057 email staff
Johnson, Nancy L. Specialist, Reading 363-1035
Jones, Alice ELA / Social Studies Teacher 3rd Grade 363-1050 email staff
Klotz, Lisa Beech Acres K-6 363-1026 email staff
Leary, Paul Plant Operator 363-1000
Martin, Chavone Math and Science K 363-1084 email staff
Mason, Agreta ELA and Social Studies 4 363-1078 email staff
McKaig, Amy ELA and Social Studies 6 363-1079 email staff
Melson, Jerome Math and Science 3 363-1047 email staff
Moore, Theresa Custodian 363-1000
Owens, Marchelle Math / Science Teacher 2nd Grade 363-1023 email staff
Pohlman, Cathy Therapist, Occupational 363-1057
Ratterman, Louis Math and Science 5 363-1051 email staff
Richardson, Brandy MH Unit Primary ELA 363-1093 email staff
Richardson, Dianna Paraprofessional 363-1000
Richardson, Sanita ELA and Social Studies 5 363-1034 email staff
Richardson-Summerlin, Tiffany ELA and Social Studies 1 363-1024 email staff
Smith-Jones, Latisha Nap Aide Pre-K 363-1029
Snow, Ricky Social Worker K-6 363-1017 email staff
Stewart, Melvin Custodian 363-1000 email staff
Streat, Tiffany Specialist, Intervention Primary 363-1076 email staff
Toney, Carolyn Math Coach, Grad Cincinnati 363-1089
Turner, Sikia Paraprofessional Intermediate 363-1042 email staff
Villasanti , Joan MH Unit Teacher Intermediate 363-1042
Ward, Lora Specialist, Intervention Intermediate 363-1054 email staff
Wilde, Patrick Reading Specialist K-1 363-1089 email staff
Yisrael, Tonia Paraprofessional 363-1000 email staff